Women's Writes 2019

It's time once again for Women's History Month. It seems that there are still many women around the world, including right here in the United States, that have not yet fully achieved equity of opportunity with men.


Yes, I swear it's true, no matter how surprising it may seem. Laws still favor men. Politicians, priests, and physicists still grab pussy - and don't get me started about what happens in Hollywood. There has still been no woman POTUS, nor any woman leading the Labour Party.

So once again we announce the continuing project of our own Robin Buckallew, who will write for you, one piece every day of the month until she can't take it anymore, or until her eloquence and brilliance convinces all men everywhere to at least give women a chance to see if they can handle equity with men. I happen to know that Robin is a tireless woman, hard to exhaust, ready to fight for what she believes in, so I'm guessing...nah, we can't hope for that, can we? Men are used to tuning out women's voices...but we can do our small part to prevent them from silencing the voice of at least this one woman.

So again, for your reading pleasure, we offer Women's Writes. One month of fresh new pieces. She has warmed up her keyboard, and is at the starting line. Ready...set...write.