Women's Writes - Works

Women's Writes

Well-behaved women seldom make history.
— Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Day 1

Here we are again, Women’s History Month. It seems like only yesterday…and at the same time it seems like a million years ago. So, since there are still women around the world who are penalized merely for being a woman, I will continue my pledge. I will once again write every day of the month, and focus on women.

Today I have a poem for you…and a memory.


Give me ten reasons  
Why I should take care of you.
Why should I get up in the morning
And cook your breakfast?
Wash your clothes?
Clean your house?
Bear your children?
You tell me it’s because you work.
You bring home the bacon.
But I work, too.
I leave the house before you.
I return home later.
And I still have all my “chores” to do
While you watch TV.
I bring home less money than you do
Though I work many more hours
And have as many skills.
So why should I take care of you?
You say it is because I am better at those things.
I admit, it’s true.
I didn’t start out that way.
I had to learn.
You could learn by practice.
So why should I take care of you?
You bring out the big guns now.
You say it is because I love you.
Oh, boy, if you only knew!
So why should I take care of you?
You shuffle.
You stare.
You avoid the question.
Until you square your shoulders,
Throw out your chest.
Thrust out your chin.
Be a man.
You tell the truth.
It is because I am a woman.

This poem is dedicated to all ex-husbands everywhere. I wish them only the best, that they should receive all that they deserve.